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Spring here at the Farm and Under This Oak Tree…

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Me and my two youngest babies on my 54th Birthday! 🎉🎂🎉
Two of our fur babies… my two Babies….
NiNi Bug and Levi Jean! 🙏🐾🙏

UPDATE! CHAPTER 8 is being delayed due to our launching of our first Children’s Book, The Adventures of Benjamin Acorn. Please stay tuned though as we launch for pre-ordering, then once the book has launched, and marketing and outreach are in full swing, I will be resuming back with the telling of my life’s journey. And this now being yet one more beautiful chapter in it! Thank you all, and God Bless! 🙏🐿🙏 #TheAdventuresofBenjaminAcorn.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Under This Oak Tree! I hope you have enjoyed reading my first few Chapters, and if so, please leave any comments or feed back. I would also love to hear about your stories of life’s adventures and challenges. …Because we all have a story to tell!

About Me

My name is Deanna Lynn Davis, and I have been in love with words since I can remember. Words between people, words in books, words in movies, words in songs, words of life! And now I want to share words with you! Words and stories of Life, Family, Love, Relationships, Careers, Livelihoods, and ultimately Loss. In my almost 54 years here on this Earth, I have been so very Blessed with three amazing and beautiful, now adult children, but I have also been through some of the most challenging, surreal, and fearful experiences one could ever imagine going though, which has at times rocked me to my core and made me question my purpose and of course my future. All of this though has only led me to more of God’s direct Blessings, such as ten years ago, him leading me to this Farm in Milton, Tennessee, where there stood, along side a gravel drive and a pasture by a creek, a huge hundred year old Oak Tree, and having no idea its meaning or purpose, but it has given me my peace and my strongest and deepest sense of Faith. …So welcome new Friends, and I look forward to you joining me under this Oak Tree, where we will enjoy and share together, the words and stories of life!

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